The Blog Of The Bay

(Above: is this the kind of ingredient distribution they’re teaching our students at San Francisco State University?)

There’s a lot of interesting stuff being said in the local food blogs right now, but none of it is quite post-worthy on its own, so here’s a little roundup:

Becks and Posh seems to really love Serpentine, we think. [Piss off From My Hood and Leave Serpentine for Me]

Bunrab’s got some beautiful pictures up of sushi at Hime, in the Marina. [Daily Feed]

Chez Pim is doing a great job spearheading generosity among food bloggers [Menu for Hope IV]

Burritophile’s Burrito Files gives us a glimpse into the nether burrito regions of the San Francisco State slabbery, ironically located in the Cesar Chavez Student Union [Burrito, Student Style]

The Line Cook has posted a list of goals for 2008, including hunting, killing, butchering and eating an animal–an admirable, if unsustainable, objective for morally honest carnivores. [Goals for 2008]

And at Alcademics, Camper has been running himself ragged trying to do our collective alcoholic homework for us. Thanks, buddy! [Two big nights, two slow days]

The Blog Of The Bay