‘Testicle Connoisseurs’ Meet at Secret Williamsburg Location to Eat Snake

Python: It's what's for dinner.
Python: It’s what’s for dinner.haha Photo:

Socialite Tamsin Lonsdale’s supper club has been less than successful in moving from London to New York, but another club has recently expanded from NYC to London. The Gastronauts, led by German bon vivant Curtiss Calleo, who claims to be able to “charm you into eating your own earwax” (like we need convincing?), consider themselves “veteran testicle connoisseurs.”

They comb the city’s restaurants for everything from chicken assholes (“very chewy”) to “6 years underground” dragon weed to whole baby-chicken heads. Some of their restaurant choices are obvious (Kenka, Congee Village), and others not so much (Rudar Soccer Club in Astoria), but this Tuesday brings something a little different, as the Gastronauts venture to a notorious underground supper club in Williamsburg to enjoy, per the invite, “An Exquisite Evening of Amphibians and Reptiles.” That means alligators, crocodiles, snails, frogs, and the one we’re most excited about — pythons. You can visit the club’s Website to try to cadge an invite, but be aware: One member told us, “We try to keep the phonies out.” So make sure you love eating assholes, not being one.

Gastronauts: The Club for Adventurous Eaters [Official site]
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‘Testicle Connoisseurs’ Meet at Secret Williamsburg Location to Eat