Starbucks Recall

Whoa, how’d we miss this yesterday? It looks like Starbucks has recalled 167,000 of its Starbucks Fusion coffee mugs. These little dandies, made in Seattle and selling at Starbucks locations nationwide for about $11.00 apparently tend to literally fly off their handles when they get too hot, creating a “minor burn hazard,” according to Starbucks’ website.

Apparently the company received 23 reports of handles detaching from the mugs, including nine that resulted in burns.

So if you turn your mug in, you can get a new one and a free cup of coffee. Of course, you can’t just walk into the corner store and drop it off. You have to contact the company and get instructions on how to do the exchange. With coffee topping $3 to $4 a cup, however, it may be worth it.

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Starbucks Recall