Snow Day Eating

The weather outside is frightful and we’re not just saying that for the reference. The snow is already coming down in Boston and, as we all know, it’s only going to get worse. Forecasts are currently calling for 6-10 inches which means one thing (hopefully): snow day!!!! Even though it’s been years since we’ve sat in front of the television chanting “Come on, Boston Public Schools, come on, Boston Public Schools” and cheering when we saw something between Blackstone Regional Vocational Technical Academy and Boxboro Public Schools, we’re still a sucker for hoping that we won’t have to go to work or can at least work from our couch in our jammies. The most important part of a snow day is, of course, having plenty of hearty and delicious meals. With that in mind, we’ve created a meal plan for your tomorrow. If you hurry, you can still stock up on fixings at the grocery store!

Breakfast: Universal Hub is justly famous for their French Toast Alert System. We do love a good plate of french toast on a chilly morning (we’re especially fond of this recipe), but we would suggest an alternative: scones. Specifically, oatmeal currant scones. They make a perfect breakfast and later, they’ll pair equally well with a giant mug of tea to create a perfect midafternoon snack.

Lunch: Nothing says perfect snow day like soup and, for our money, the world’s best winter soup is potato leek soup. Little could be more satisfying after a long morning of shoveling and, best of all, it takes very little time to make. Perfect!

Dinner: Now that the shoveling is all done, you can focus on the important stuff: catching up on your daytime television and dinner. Stews are great for snow days because they slowly fill the house with an inviting smell but require very little actual work. Keep it classic with beef bourguignon. It’ll make for a festive Friday night dinner, and you can easily freeze the leftovers to use during the next Nor’easter.

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Snow Day Eating