Restaurant Gifting Time

The Daily News did a fun little roundup today of restaurants that also sell gifts. Selections include the ING Direct Cafe, Fork:Etc., Academia Del Caffe, Down Home Diner and DiBruno Brothers. The goods at Fork:Etc. sound pretty good:

Candlesticks ($4 to $18), serving platters ($30 to $80) and a bamboo-handled glass teapot ($45) are among the useful and elegant gifts sold at this casual Fork annex. You can also buy author-signed cookbooks, including Patricia Yeo’s “Everyday Asian,” Anna Tasca Lanza’s “The Flavors of Sicily” and Fork owner Ellen Yin’s new “Forklore.”

The cashiers who ring up your lunch order and serve it to your table can also put together a gift basket of artisanal vinegars, olive oils, mustards, jams and other gourmet foods, including Yin’s mother’s candied pecans.

Twofers for lunchtime shoppers [Daily News]

[Image via Daily News]


Restaurant Gifting Time