The Chronicle Over Cocktails

Okay, we’re cutting it short today, so here’s our glance at the Chronicle’s Wine section a little early. Don’t fret if you don’t see any posts over the next few days. We’re just taking some time off. Look out on Dec. 26th, when we’ll have your roundups, and the rest of that week, when we’ll be doing a little light holiday updating, including a pre-New Year’s Eve “Liquid Friday.” Happy holidays!

The big story this week is the Chron’s holiday pairing guide, a multi-part feature in which the staff recommends a “glass of wine for every Christmas tradition.” They also get into egg nog and other holiday cocktails. Fun! [Christmas Cheer]

Camper English brings us news of a $12,000 bottle of Scotch. Holy Moly, it’s 55 years old and comes in a crystal bottle. [The sipping news]

The Cheese Course keeps it basic with a high-quality, lower-cost cheddar, Borough Market, which apparently has more expensive lines beat. [A bargain cheddar]

And we get a Camper spirit special, as English brings us a list of cocktails that leave out the booze, along with a feature on their growing popularity. [Virgin territory]

The Chronicle Over Cocktails