Threads Up: ’Tis The Season

Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day. Based on our own experience and asking a few friends, we’ve scientifically proven that the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are the time of year where more people couple up than any other.

Think about it: The weather turns cold and you start thinking more and more about having a warm pair of arms to come home to. There are parties galore, many of which, like work events, bring different social circles into contact. There’s even a party that includes a traditional midnight kiss.

With all this intrigue, you’re going to need a place to take your date. That’s why this thread on Chowhound, calling for a less-than-$50 romantic dinner, will come in handy, however misguided.

It is misguided, of course, because the original poster wants a place to have an anniversary dinner. Now, unless you work for minimum wage or are on social security, you need to spring for a better anniversary place. But $50 is just about right for a first or second date. It’s nice enough so that you don’t look like a cheapskate, but cheap enough to write off if the date goes bad.

There are some good suggestions on this list, including the Hog Island Oyster Co. picnic. What could be better than slurping and sipping on a brisk West Marin afternoon? There are also plenty of traditional choices, too. But don’t listen to those posters who recommend not getting drinks. The idea is romantic, not puritan.

SF romantic dinner for under $50 for two. Possible? [Chowhound]

Threads Up: ’Tis The Season