Choco Beta

As strange as it may seem for a tech media mogul to open a chocolate company, it’s really not that weird. Ever since Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory took us inside the magical world of a real-life candy factory, big, crazy machines and mythical creatures have seemed par for the confectionary course.

That’s why Tcho, the new line of chocolates from Wired founder Louis Rossetto is a little disappointing. While we haven’t been inside the factory, it’s almost certain that the small company uses few outrageously complicated machines and even fewer mythical creatures.

Instead of applying the mid-century tech model to his company by mass-producing as furiously as possible, Rossetto is apparently utilizing the Internet start-up mode instead. The New York Times described Tcho as a “startup, while Rossetto himself says the company is, “where Silicon Valley start-up meets San Francisco food culture.”

Like an Internet startup, Tcho runs on financing right now, but unlike said startup, most of the capital comes from friends and family, according to the Times. Also, unlike many of the companies that Wired saw biting the dust in 2001, Tcho has something to sell by which it can make money: $4 bars of artisanal chocolate.

Ha! Maybe they can get the team from Kozmo to deliver them. (Sorry, team. You were great, really)

Chocolate in Beta Testing, Offered by a Wired Founder [NY Times]


Choco Beta