The Weeklies Over Coffee

Here it is, your afternoon coffee break and a look at the food sections of our illustrious weeklies:

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Paul Reidinger visits the House of Prime Rib and finds huge chunks of meat and very basic vegetable sides, not to mention a hearty serving of alphabet soup. [House of Prime Rib: The WYSIWYG principle]

L.E. Leone is regaining her footing as a restaurant reviewer by including in her column, for the second week in a row, an actual restaurant, El Delfin. Granted, the column still focuses on pretty much every philosophical question but an analysis of the food, still, it’s nice to see her coming back to earth a little. [Cheap Eats: Dirty Girl]

And Molly Freedenberg visits Frisee, to find that “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean “tasteless.” Also, she seemed to really like her waiter. Y’heard, Chad? [Frisee: Fresh food, fab service]

From the SF Weekly:

Meredith Brody works herself up into something of a frenzy over the trend toward locally produced food. Wonder if that’s why she hated almost everything about her dinner at Fish and Farm? [Loca-voracious]

The Weeklies Over Coffee