Pious Monday

After a weekend full of omelets, latkes, delivery Chinese and a pint of Dreyers, one becomes a bit frantic about making a dietary correction. It’s not that we feel totally given over to the bad diet, eating cheeseburgers at every meal and only consuming vegetables that have gone through the deep fryer, but the time has come to take stock of the MPSF diet and perhaps introduce some more respectable elements.

Now, we’ve been fascinated for a long time with celery, a food that gets pretty low reviews around MPSF headquarters. It is nasty-tasting and has that weird, stringy texture that just creeps us out. And it is a negative-calorie food. That means your body burns more calories chewing and digesting the stuff than it extracts from the food. WTF??

Well, if you’re on a diet or even feeling the need for an adjustment, it turns out there are other negative-calorie foods out there that aren’t as gross as celery. And the good folks at Bootstrapper went and made a list of 15 of them for you. Check it.

We were gratified to see such favorites as oranges, tangerines, apples, tomatoes, strawberries and cucumbers on there, jockeying for position with nasty old standbys like celery, lettuce and grapefruit. It’s good to hear that, occasionally, foods that taste really good are also not only good for you, but effective in counter-balancing your disgusting, fat-laden diet.

Negative Calorie Foods: 15 Foods That Actually Burn More Calories Than They Contain

Pious Monday