Pig Farmer to Deliver Pigs in Pig-Fueled Truck

This is not Eggleston's fleet, though we wish it were.
This is not Eggleston’s fleet, though we wish it were.haha Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Bev Eggleston, the Virginia pig farmer trying to revive Ossabaw pigs, has refitted his truck to run on barbecue grease! He’s struck up a symbiotic friendship with Hill Country’s Robbie Richter (Richter gets to try great pork, Bev gets to eat great barbecue), and the two have come to an understanding by which Richter will save his grease for Eggleston’s special diesel engine. The idea’s not as crazy as it sounds: San Francisco asks restaurants to recycle grease for the city’s bus fleet.

But Eggleston’s goal is more ethereal than environmental: “My trip from Virginia to New York is six hours long, and I’d like to make the whole thing on pork fat,” Eggleston says. “I’m delivering pork, so I should be running on pork.” That is crystalline logic at work. Eggleston’s Ossabaw hogs, meanwhile, are appearing on more and more New York menus: Aside from his original clients like Gramercy Tavern, Il Buco, and Blue Hill, his pigs will soon be making cameos at Insieme, Craftsteak, and other fine meateries.

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Pig Farmer to Deliver Pigs in Pig-Fueled Truck