Philly Chefs Reveal Their ‘08 Crushes

This is good. Over at the Daily News, Beth D’Addono went into the trenches to find out what ingredients chefs are looking forward to using in 2008. Here’s the count:

• Ari Weiswasser (Pearl): Green Papaya - “Green papaya easily takes on the flavor of a marinade while keeping its textural integrity.”

• Marc Plessis (XIX Nineteen): Blue Foot chickens - “They’re three times the price of a good chicken… around $4 a pound. But this bird is so juicy and flavorful - it’s the Porsche of chickens.”

• Roberta Adamo (Penne): Whole grains - “I don’t worry about carbs… But I try to eat healthier, add more vegetables in with the sauces, use whole grains.”

• Chris Scarduzio (Brasserie Perrier): Lentils

• Michael McNally (London Grill): Duck fat - “It brings flavor to everything - not an overtly duck flavor, just a better flavor, a silkiness on the tongue.”

• David Ansill (Ansill): Squid ink - “You can serve fried calamari with a mayonnaise colored with it - that would be a great dish for Halloween.”

• Ralph Fernandez (Moshulu): Micro herbs - “We have a standing order with Blue Moon Acres out of Buckingham, Pa… The flavors are so explosive, you really don’t expect it.”

• Olivier De Saint Martin (Zinc Bar): Roots - “These are noble vegetables… The flavors are simple, you don’t need to fuss too much with them. Roots are good for you, and they’ve been making joy for poor people for so many years.”

• Patrice Rames (Patou): Budget cuts - “Due to today’s economy, chefs are looking for lower-cost cuts of meat to stay competitive… cooking in wine or liquid for hours breaks down the fibers and brings out wonderful flavors.”

• David Wiederholt (Oceanaire Seafood Room): Bacon - “It’s just a flavor wow.”

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Philly Chefs Reveal Their ‘08 Crushes