Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (12/27)

Sonam, Sonam, Sonam. Will the new South Street restaurant survive in the 2nd & South pit of death near the tacky gifts store and the food market? Elisa Ludwig hopes so. Also, they serve “buffalo falafel” which the vegans might love… but just puzzles us.

• Is the world ending? Judging by the damn fact that a supermarket is opening in NoLibs, we’d say HELL YEAH IT IS. The list of stocked items is tailor-made for the Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods demo as well.

• Celebrate the era of pre-yuppified dining with new-old South Philly Italian joint Mr. Martino’s. Spaghetti and meatballs? Lasagna? Hells yes.

• Travel out to deep BucksCo for a tour of the Herr’s potato chip factory.

• Philadelphia’s top five red foods. Red as in the color, not communists… You know what we mean.

• You’ve passed by West Philly’s Watusi Pub before. Now step in.


Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (12/27)