Now That’s Some Good Chicken

We might share a name with him, but writer Neal Pollack gets on our nerves sometimes. The guy is just so damn… we don’t know… Precious? Yeah, precious.

But, however, his essay about a Nashville fried chicken restaurant is right. damn. on.

According to Roadfood, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack offers birds that are “relatively dry and ferociously seasoned down to the bone; and their crust, which strips off in luxurious patches that are equal measures crunch and chew, is radiant with red-orange spice. It’s salty but not throat-parching; and the miracle of it is that the flavor of plush chicken imbued with plenty of natural schmaltz (chicken fat) bursts right through the heat.”

Sounds good to us.

Hot for Chicken [Epicurious]
Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack [Roadfood]


Now That’s Some Good Chicken