Now On MenuPages: Milk & Honey Bake Shop

Last week, Drive-Thru had a piece on the new vegan offerings at Milk & Honey Bake Shop. Which reminded us that, try as we might, we hadn’t been able to get its menu. Milk & Honey’s website isn’t helpful in the slightest, letting us know in two different places that the Bake Shop’s menu is not available online. And we knew from experience that the Bake Shop is sans fax machine.

But we overcame these technological challenges and got the menu the old fashion way - a very nice clerk dictated it to us over the phone. And so, we learned about the breakfast panini whose ingredients change every day (served until noon for $5.25), the smoked turkey reuben for $6.25, and that baked goods like scones, muffins, granola and cookies are available every day in addition to a variety of specials.

Okay, this is all well and good. But we have a proposal for you: if anyone comments or emails us requesting a full list of ingredients for the sandwiches, we will call Bake Shop and get them. It doesn’t matter to us if you actually care or not, if you just want to make us to extra work, or even if you’re doing it to burden the lady at Bake Shop in absentia for some sick reason. Really!

So, we’ll be loitering around our inbox if you need us.

Milk & Honey Bake Shop [MenuPages]
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[Photo: their famous granola]

Now On MenuPages: Milk & Honey Bake Shop