New Year’s Day Brunch 2008: Where To Eat At 2PM

Whatever you’re doing tonight, chances are fairly good that you’ll be drinking more and staying up later than you normally do…although it occurs to us that entering the new year in a haze of intoxication sets a poor precedent for the coming months.

Whatever, not like that would stop you! Brother blog MP:SanFrancisco has some pointers on dealing with the inevitable hangover, but our advice is to get yourself to a decent brunch. Here are eight recommendations for restaurants that will be serving brunch at 2pm tomorrow, but be sure to call first anyway.

High-End: NoMI. Would be a good place to take some one if they’re owed an apology for your behavior the night before. Or simply if you had a particularly flush ‘07. Your body will thank you!

Hotel Dining: Mexx Kitchen At The Whiskey. Should be a hip enough scene at this forward-thinking Mexican lounge. Will be easier to stomach than your local taqueria.

Gastropub: The Gage. You should have the caramelized lobster if you didn’t get any lobster on NYE, and yes, with beer.

Tapas: Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba. We’ve seen ads for their New Year’s brunch splashed all over the internet, so it must be a big deal. Also, tapas are easy to modulate. Also, sangria!

Dim Sum: Shui Wah. Of course you want dim sum! If you didn’t make it here on Christmas, now’s your shot. Too crowded?

Sichuan: Double Li. There won’t be a line, and the food is great. Heed the masochist in you and order extra spicy. You’ll be egesting liquid for the rest of the week, but it’s all in good fun.

Thai: Spoon. Thai is a reasonable New Year’s brunch alternative to Chinese, and Spoon is probably the best Thai in the city that’s open tomorrow. Get anything on the menu that’s wrapped in a banana leaf.

Classic Diner: Golden Nugget Pancake House. When you’re open 24/7, you don’t close for New Year’s brunch. It’s cheap, simple, and you know what you’re going to get. If only 2008 were so easy!

Enjoy your celebrations, and see you on the 2nd.

[Photo: The future! (redhatgal)]


New Year’s Day Brunch 2008: Where To Eat At 2PM