More Sex From Gael Greene; TKettle’s Veggie Dumplings

Gael Greene returns to her sexy-tables topic after an influx of reader mail: “Several romantics agreed with Francesco that ’Jean Georges at lunch could not be more sexy.’” A reformed Madame Bovary concluded: “It was a lot of bang for the buck.” [Insatiable Critic]

Even the Brits are buzzing over the prospect of Charlie Trotter opening a restaurant overlooking Madison Square Park. [Caterer Search, UK]
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This hefty roundup of book recommendations for foodies includes such Grub-approved picks as the Food Snob’s Dictionary and My Last Supper (where you can see Wylie Dufesne lounging like Lady Godiva, but with cheese). [Zagat]
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Eating the Last Supper

Food & Wine will publish Cambodian recipes from Kampuchea in its March issue. [Mouthing Off/Food&Wine;]

The Queens dumpling master is now crafting pork-and-cabbage and vegetarian options for TKettle on St. Marks Place in addition to the house variety pork, shrimp, sea cucumber, and scallion she supplies daily. [Eat for Victory/VV]
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A party promoter claims that multiple popular bars including the Beatrice Inn (but not his own employer, of course) were raided on Friday and shut down. [Imbible/Citysearch]

Latkes and jelly-doughnut recipes from the author of Quick and Kosher include universal tips like “don’t overcrowd the pan.” [NYDN]
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More Sex From Gael Greene; TKettle’s Veggie Dumplings