Meatpacking Moguls Remm, Birnbaum, and Rabin on How to Be Cool

Tenjune owners relax with Dave Matthews.
Tenjune owners relax with Dave Matthews.haha Photo: WireImage

Our fave waitress Courtney Yates isn’t the only face Belvedere Vodka is using to try to look cool — the company, in association with UrbanDaddy, is running Web interviews with David Rabin, owner of Los Dados and Lotus, and Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum, owners of Tenjune. Remm and Birnbaum don’t exactly steer toward the underexposed when asked for their favorite restaurants: BondSt, Nobu, Bar Pitti, Los Dados, Mr. Chow, the Spotted Pig, Pastis, Buddakan, Dos Caminos Soho, Cipriani, Butter, Rose Bar, and Waverly Inn.

That said, Remm is ultimately a man of the people. “If I want to do something different,” he confesses, “I’ll go to Brother Jimmy’s and have wings and a beer, and I’ll sit down and listen to Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews Band.” Which should serve as solace next time you’re turned away from Tenjune: The owner likes Dave Matthews Band. Rabin, meanwhile, tells us, “the bashing [of the meatpacking district] is a little over the top” and says the neighborhood is half of what it could be. And with Anthony Martignetti possibly moving in, we’re sure it’ll soon be double what it already is!

Belvedere’s Keys to the City [UrbanDaddy]

Meatpacking Moguls Remm, Birnbaum, and Rabin on How to Be Cool