Maybe He Kept Getting Decaf

Gotta love these bumbling crook stories:

It seems a former Peet’s Coffee employee who was previously arrested in a burglary of the Peets San Rafael store tried it again, this time sticking up another Peet’s in Corte Madera.

Only, Marin’s not that big and there is a finite number of Peet’s, so the masked Robert Merrill, 29, and his accomplice, Michael Herrin, also 29, should probably have picked a different chain to hit. From the Chronicle:

Despite the mask, said Miller, one of the employees recognized Merrill from the earlier incident and reported his name to investigators. Herrin, his roommate, was on probation in Contra Costa County for an unrelated incident.

Ha, oops. Hey, when you find a gig you like, like getting busted for robbing your old job, you stick with it, right?

Former employee robs coffee shop, police say
[SF Chronicle]

Maybe He Kept Getting Decaf