Making Those Burger King Commercials

Advertising site Creativity just did a great interview with the director of those Burger King Whopper Freakout commercials that have been kinda inescapable on television lately.

If you’re one of the rare ones who hasn’t seen the commercial, the YouTube’s above. This is the part of the interview that grabbed us:

We had a whole support system there to give people BK rewards afterwards. At the drive-thru people tended to scream harder—I guess they felt they were more anonymous. But when they drove up we apologized profusely—I would do it, or Drew my producer would. We wanted to make sure they understood tit was an experiment and gave them tons of Burger King food. It wasn’t meant to be mean spirited; we didn’t want to make people look bad. I was impressed that BK went for it. They were really good sports. That’s what shocked me the most about working with Crispin—it was amazing how much trust there was from the client.

Behind the Freakout [Creativity]


Making Those Burger King Commercials