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Ben Stiller Crashes a Party at Fiamma, Penélope Cruz Makes Out at Socialista

She only got in because she knows Javier Bardem.
She only got in because she knows Javier Bardem.haha Photo: WireImages

Every Friday a notable New Yorker tells us where they’ve been eating, but where are the rest of them chowing down? Starting this week we’ll sort through the gossip columns à la Ils Vont (RIP) to tell you who’s been seen where (casual sightings only — boring galas, vodka launches, and pluggy appearances don’t count). We’ll eventually compile a ranking of restaurants most often visited by celebs. Not that you care about that sort of thing! Oh, but if you do, won’t you please leave your own sightings in the comments?

Balthazar: Chris Noth and Jason Lewis post–Atonement premiere. [NYDN]
Bar Martignetti: Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo getting cozy over Bellinis. [NYP]
BK: Jennifer Love Hewitt eating with Ward Weaver. [NYP]
Bouley Bakery: Alyson Hannigan eating upstairs. [Gawker]
The Box: Josh Lucas chasing his girlfriend after a fight. [NYDN]
Chinatown Brasserie: Carolina Herrera dining with a group. [Gawker]
City Bakery: Mary Louise Parker during the Saturday lunch rush. [Gawker]
Downtown Cipriani: Pharell. [E!]
Daddy-O: Will Arnett hanging sober. [NYDN]
Elaine’s: Sarah Jessica Parker at the after-party for the wrap party. [NYP]
Empire Hotel: Bill Clinton at the rooftop bar. [NYP]
Fiamma: Ben Stiller accidentally crashing a wedding party. [NYP]
Fresco: Val Kimer eating healthy tuna. [NYP]
GoldBar: Jessica Simpson and John Mayer making Eva Longoria jealous? [NYP]
The Hairy Monk: Claire Danes holding hands with real-estate developer Mike Vargas. [NYP]
Huckleberry Bar: Barbara Bush celebrating a friend’s birthday. [NYP]
Il Cortile: Joe Piscopo and the cast of The Sopranos “eating everything.” [NYP]
JG Melon: Ricky Martin looking fine and scruffy. [Gawker]
Katz’s Deli: Brooke Shields with daughters and mom. [Gawker]
Kellari Taverna: John Mayer dining on mezes and fish. [NYDN]
Kittichai: Bob Saget on Saturday night. [NYDN]
Le Pain Quotidien: Sandra Bernhard eating with another woman. [Gawker]
Le Périgord: Walter Cronkite, Joanna Simon, Ban Ki-Moon, Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan, and Andrea Mitchell. [NYP]
Los Dados: Eva Longoria celebrating a friend’s birthday. [E!]
Marquee: Crystal Waters with pushy, bottle-grabbing entourage. [NYP]
Megu Tribeca : Rachel Bilsen with two guys and a girl. [NYP]
Megu Midtown: Ice-T and Coco dining on Kobe beef. [NYP]
Morandi: Gwyneth Paltrow, Guy Ritchie, and Madonna, the latter wearing “old-lady glasses.” [Perez Hilton]
Nello: George Michael. [NYP]
Noho Star: Lance Armstrong picking up the check for Sheryl Crow. [NYP
Pink Elephant: Lance Bass almost not getting in. [NYDN]
The Plumm: Al Reynolds dancing on banquettes. [NYDN]
Pop Burger: Bridget Hall celebrating her birthday. [NYDN]
Room Service: Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley, Ryan Cabrera quaffing Champagne. [NYP]
Rose Bar: Ricki Lake fielding texts from John Mayer. [NYP]
Sapa: Uma Thurman and Colin Firth shooting a binge-eating scene. [NYP]
Socialista: Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz making out and chasing a photographer. [NYP]
Soda Shop: Michael Imperioli with kids and an older woman. [Gawker]
Stanton Social: Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama dining with her parents. [NYP]
Starbucks (Spring and Varick): John Krasinski looking adorable. [Gawker]
Tenjune: Eva Longoria partying till 3 a.m. [E!]
The Waverly Inn: Francesca Cecil and John Mayer, the latter waiting for twenty minutes. [NYP]

Ben Stiller Crashes a Party at Fiamma, Penélope Cruz Makes Out at