Luisa’s: Do You Smell A Rat?

Well, the health department apparently did. After noting the “temporary” closure, announced by a handwritten sign, of controversial restaurateur Luisa Hanson’s flagship, Luisa’s, Eater SF dug a little deeper yesterday and hit on the real dirt, so to speak.

Turns out Luisa’s was/is something of a haven for critters, especially rodents, according to a San Francisco Department of Public Health report, which indicated a “high risk” of rodent contamination. Ouch. In addition, the report stated that “adulterated food” posed a high risk. Luisa’s got a score of 64 overall, losing more points for

Now, we don’t take any particular pleasure in watching a restaurant slide out of business due to shoddy health code adherence. It’s gross and sad. But there are plenty of people in this city who will be dancing a little jig on the grave of Luisa’s, should it close its doors permanently. Hanson has not made friends with her business practices, most notably her recent takeover and closure of the beloved John Barleycorn pub.

What does the future hold for the troubled Hanson restaurant empire? At least, let’s hope, a stiff new round of health inspections. Eeewwww!

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Luisa’s: Do You Smell A Rat?