LOL Fats

Okay, while Chow’s The Grinder may have pointed us in the direction of Celebrities-Eating Dot Com, we definitely went to the arduous trouble of looking at all these photographs to find some San Francisco linkage. And so we have. Now, we get to show you our favorite new site that is apparently not new at all and, just like that Japanese exercise/English language video, has been an Internet meme for ages while we were off typing up the covers of mix-tapes on a portable Olivetti.

Well, that may have happened again, but seriously, this is a picture of Michael Stipe and Michael Douglass eating ice cream cones together, so even if it’s dated (which it is), it’s still fun.

And the SF link, you ask? A friend of ours who works at Rainbow Grocery claims to have rung up Michael Stipe once. Then somebody said they thought he might live around here. Apparently he is very nice, and enjoys whole wheat. Well, not here:

Celebrities Eating [Main Site]
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LOL Fats