Latkefest 2007!

You want latkes, you got ‘em. Thanks, flickr!

Latkes in the pan (Gifted Gourmet):

Latkes with sour cream and apple sauce (*reesie):

Latkes with sour cream and caviar (Coolthinker):

Zucchini latkes with poached eggs and smoked salmon (ruth.tree):

Yucca latkes with chocolate chile mole and apple salsa (isachandra):

Beetroot latkes with goat cheese (Niamheen):

Corn latkes (jasonperlow):

Sunchoke latke (vanesscipes):

Vegan latkes (vegan666):

Tuna and blue potato “latke,” uncooked (Biggie*):

Manny’s latke, with pastrami sandwich (ndg):

LOLtka: (anomalous4)

Have a good weekend, and may your presents be numerous, expensive, and exchangeable.


Latkefest 2007!