Kosher Chinese In Philadelphia

The New York Times’ City Room blog just did a piece on the Jewish-Chinese fusion cuisine that can be found at kosher Chinese restaurants. Shown above are the pastrami egg rolls and Chinese hot dogs (hot dogs wrapped in egg roll skins) of Eden Wok in Midtown Manhattan.

Although Philadelphia’s Orthodox Jewish population can’t compare with that of New York, we still have a number of kosher Chinese restaurants. Holy Land Chinese in the Northeast offers a menu of Chinese-American classics (along with a related Middle Eastern restaurant next door… shawarma and broccoli, anyone?) and Yi-Tzi Peking in Bala Cynwyd offers “Chinese chicken nuggets” alongside kosher sushi & buffalo wings. Then of course, there are the established Center City vegetarian/kosher Chinese spots like Singapore and New Harmony.

Alas, pastrami egg rolls are nowhere to be found in Philadelphia… But how about a treifalicious cheesesteak egg roll?

Hot Dogs From Column A, Pastrami Egg Rolls frolm Column B [New York Times]

[Image via New York Times]


Kosher Chinese In Philadelphia