It’s About Time

While we wait for the Guardian to post its food section to its website (come on, guys, you’re a weekly. You’ve had seven days to prepare for this), let’s head over to the Examiner and see what’s cooking.

Oh, what’s this? Looks like the Warming Hut at Crissy Field is back in business. This is good news, as the last time we heard anything from them, they were all about missing deadlines and being evasive. Good thing that handsome Examiner reporter stayed on the case way back in July.

The new joint is much like the old one, which was damaged when an electric car parked outside it caught fire. The re-opening was delayed after inspectors found a “microbial growth” on parts of the shed that had been soaked by firefighters extinguishing the Jan. 25 blaze.

Most of the noticeable changes took place on the menu, which now includes more salads and no hot sandwiches.

Warm it up, Crissy: Beloved hut is back
[The Examiner]

It’s About Time