Imbibing: Champagne Tasting @ The Spot

We cannot think of anything objectionable about a $10 sparkling wine tasting (Asti, Demi Sec, Cava, Champagne and California Sparkling) going on at The Spot tonight between 7 and 8. Actually, there might be one thing: the event is doubling as the staff holiday party, and all proceeds go to their holiday bonus.

That’s a very strange architecture! The money spent on the bubbly could have just gone straight to the staff, but instead, they’re risking it on this tasting with an unknown rate of return. In the best case, they could, what, maybe double their money? Triple, on the outside? In the worst case, they’ve bought themselves a bunch of booze - certainly enjoyable, but you can’t put a bottle of Krug in the bank, now can you? Okay, maybe if it’s an exceptionally good bottle from some decades ago, but then it wouldn’t be a $10 tasting.

Our feeling about this scheme hinges on whether the employees chose this route themselves or if it was forced onto them. It’s not like we could call and find out, but either way, their well-being now depends on you showing up and drinking. So do it!

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Imbibing: Champagne Tasting @ The Spot