Imbibing: Boozy Lunches For Charity

Tuesday afternoon is a great time to get tipsy, especially if it benefits underprivileged children. To that end, David Burke’s Primehouse is hosting a “777 Wine Week Lunch” for Common Threads (whose mission, in case you forgot, is to “educate children on the importance of nutrition, physical well-being and to instill an appreciation our world’s diversity through the food and art of different cultures”).

Simply show up to lunch there this week, like you normally do, and a $7 donation will buy you a tasting of seven different wines from the day’s features region (today is Australia). Even assuming the standard tasting size of 1oz, that’s still a nice big glass of wine. Okay, maybe you won’t get tipsy, but either way, a child will learn something! Not a bad value for seven bucks.

Common Threads [Official Site]

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David Burke’s Primehouse [Official Site]

[Photo: Common Threads’ mission, expressed mathematically]

Imbibing: Boozy Lunches For Charity