If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

Start writing for Gridskipper.

Nah, just kidding, but Monday’s “Bad Service Board-Game” was pretty hilariously mean. A top-six of local businesses notable for their poor service. Leslie Brenner would have a heart attack.

But the list is incomplete. Any San Franciscan who’s ever left the house can tell you there are a lot more than six places where you can expect abominable service. Fortunately, the focused watch-dogs over at SFist re-posted the item with an invitation to fill in the blanks. And so readers did.

In an addendum to the Gridskipper list, SFist readers (who seem to be moody grocery shoppers) suggested such local notables as Rainbow Grocery, the Safeway on Geary and Webster and a bunch of places like skate shops, bars, etc. where service is traditionally “prickly.”

One notable exception: Not one mention of a record store. Apparently that reputation of record store clerks for being snobs isn’t well-earned after all. Or else no SFist commenter wants to be known as the kind of person to whom record store clerks would be snobby.

Also, no restaurants. Plenty of food markets but not a single eatery. Could it be that San Francisco boasts across-the-board pleasant wait-staff, hosts and managers? Amazing!

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If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…