Hot Menu Analysis: Medici Trumps TABLE Fifty-Two

Last time we did this, we warned that it might become a recurring feature. Well, guess what’s about to recur!

Nothing is particularly special about December 18th (nonsense! On this day in history, Hannibal won the Second Punic War, the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, America celebrated its very first Thanksgiving, slavery was abolished, the Bears won the first NFL Championship game ever, Ebonics was declared an official dialect of English, and Rumsfeld resigned), but let’s look at the results anyway.

Most of the time, Downtown lays claim to the hottest of the hot menus. Yesterday, TABLE fifty-two had a respectable 53 hits (The Grillroom was second with 50), but three other restaurants tied or bested that result: Butterfly with 56, Sepia with 53 (you’ll note that last time Butterfly and Sepia were also in the top two for the West Side. Weird!), and perennial favorite Medici with 55 hits.

So we guess you guys were ordering a lot of takeout yesterday, huh? That would certainly explain The Art of Pizza’s (46) dominance on the North Side, but not why deliveryless Sweet Mandy B’s (45) came in second. Oh, right, because it’s the holidays and people need baked goods. You can get their carrot layer cake that serves 65+ (i.e. senior citizens?) for $78. Because carrot cake is the healthy alternative!

People on the Northwest Side are totally feeling the meat. The hottest menus include Argentinian El Nandu (the winner at 29), Smoque BBQ (24), Backyard Grill (23), Kuma’s Corner (22, the burgers), Ferajna (19, Polish), Charcoal Delights (18, classic Chicago grill), and Chicken Run (17, obvious). OMG fatty, eat some vegetables!

And finally, if you were thinking about Mexican food in Lawndale yesterday, you were in a really tiny plurality, South West-sider! El Faro got the number one spot with (18), followed by the ever-popular (and occasionally controversial) Tata’s Pizza with 15.

There you have it, then. If the populace demands, you may get a hottest menus of 2007 list in the near future. But it might not be until 2008, at which point no one will care anymore. Oh well!

Hot Menu Analysis: Medici Trumps TABLE Fifty-Two