Good World Closing, But Owners Will Open New Spot Shortly

Yesterday we speculated that Good World didn’t have long for this world, and sadly it turns out to be true. But there are a couple of pieces of hope: Good World won’t close until fall, and owner Annika Sundvick is looking for a new location. Plus, she’s got another Swedish spot that will soon open its doors.

Yes it’s true, they are tearing down the building to, believe it or not, build another condo … We will be staying until next fall, and possibly another year or less after that.We have been looking for alternative spaces, and will at some point relocate — it is doubtful we’ll find something suitable for Good World in Chinatown, but we haven’t ruled the neighborhood out just yet.We also are working on a new place not too far away, Allen and Delancey, which will be named White Slab Palace, and while “Swedish” at heart it will be somewhat different to Good World, hopefully we’ll open sooner rather than later. We’ve already been in construction for awhile. The new place is a separate “project” to Good World and is not meant as a replacement.

Indeed nothing can replace Good World. As one aficionado of their burger lamented to us, its closing will be the end of an era.

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Good World Closing, But Owners Will Open New Spot Shortly