Good Riddance

We’ve been trying to avoid piling on the Cosco Busan coverage now that the San Francisco Bay fisheries are open (especially Dungeness!), but we feel compelled to bring you this punctuating moment in the saga.

Remember? This is the ship that crashed into one of the Bay Bridge towers, spilling 58,000 gallons of fuel oil into the Bay, which the Coast Guard didn’t tell us about for hours and hours. Then the state had to close the waters in and around the bay for fishing right at the start of crab season. Yeah, you remember.

Well, the ship set sail yesterday and cleared both bridges on its way to Tsingtao, China. It was nice to see the stern, and we hope never to see any other part of the ship again. Don’t let the Golden Gate hit you on the way out, Busan!

The Coastguard videotaped the Busan’s departure. We’ve added a soundtrack (you have to push “play” manually). Enjoy.

Patched-up Cosco Busan sails out of bay, lawsuits in its wake [SF Chronicle]


Good Riddance