Gilt Besieged by ‘Gossip Girl’ Wannabes; More of the Old East Village to Die

The bar at Gilt is besieged by “a parade of ripe Lolitas,” all clamoring for cocktails like their idols on Gossip Girl. Unhappily for the nymphets, and any well-heeled Humbert Humberts who happen to be hanging around, you have to be 21 to drink in the real-world version of the bar. [Insatiable Critic]

Two of the last holdouts of the old East Village, Sophie’s and Mona’s, are both for sale. What will replace them? Trustafarian discos? Hookah bars? Collegiate-style ale houses? Somewhere Rockets Redglare is rolling in his grave. [NYP]

To help allay the bitterness of exile, the New York Food Anywhere blog will show you where to find New York food in places that aren’t New York. It’s depressing, but it does make you appreciate the fact that you don’t need to use it. [New York Food Anywhere via Serious Eats]

Anne Burrell is not one to shrug off or easily ignore reviews — “I would read, reread and deconstruct every review, article or blog about Centro. I would go crazy over it. I think it is better to read them, take them for what they are and make changes if you need to, or not. That is really easy to say and impossible to do.” [Restaurant Girl]

Matthew Kenney talks about his new restaurant, why meat isn’t necessary, and how he had a green mango smoothie yesterday. Here’s what he doesn’t talk about: his horrific departure from Pure Food and Wine and subsequent Canadian exile. Are softballs compostable? [Gothamist]

Pinch and S’Mac are teaming up on the Upper West Side. So if you don’t want pizza, you can have macaroni and cheese. Or vice versa. [Eater]

Genius ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky has created a nightmare vision of a world without Whoppers. [A Hamburger Today]

Gilt Besieged by ‘Gossip Girl’ Wannabes; More of the Old East