Food Trends for 2008

Dining Trends 2008 [Epicurious]

1. Speed
Forget drive-ins, people will order and pay for food with their mobile phones.

2. Niche dining
Very specific focus food outlets such as ceviche bars, chocolate lounges, and kebab counters.

3. Gastrobartenders
This is the “bar chef” phenomenon where bartenders are using more fresh ingredients and exotic ingredients like herbs and superfruit.

4. Nutritional scoring
We already get nutritional labels on food, menus may be next.

5. Head to tail dining
Yes, innards are on the menu.

6. Dessert restaurants
These are apparently big already in some locations. Pastry chefs are opening restaurants and delving into sweet/savory combinations.

7. Wacky ice cream
This one is self explanatory! What’s the strangest flavor you’ve seen?

8. Gastronomy for kids
Better for food kids and the disappearance of that nasty children’s menu may be the next frontier.

9. Hamburgers go upscale
This one has been around for a while but apparently it’s trickling down to fast food outlets and custom burger bars

10. Small is big
The small plate phenom continues.

11. Ethical eating
The consultants point out the irony in how chefs who are espousing natural, local and even biodynamic ingredients are also adding chemicals to their creations in the name of molecular gastronomy.

Dining Trends 2008 [Epicurious]

Food Trends for 2008