Flipping Through The Menu Pages

Well, the weekend is deliciously within reach–time to launch into that home stretch. Let’s see what other MP bloggers have been up to this week:

Over at MP Boston, some pushy publicists appear to have been experimenting with over-submitting “user” reviews. Yeah, right, y’all, MPB and the rest of us are way to sharp for that. Leila’s got your number. [Another Open Letter]

MP Chicago, always good for a little eye candy, shows of a beautiful collection of marzipigs just in time for Hannukah (sorry, we’ve been waiting to link that picture for days). Adam points out they’re probably not Kosher anyway. [Viewing Pleasure: Marzipan Pigs @ Christkindlmarket]

MP Philadelphia covers the Dictators’ Handsome Dick Manitoba covering punk rock foods. Good stuff, from a preview of the Official Book of Punk Rock Lists. We love garlic and clam pizza, too. [The Dictators’ Punk Rock Food Rules]

And MP South Florida posted a very funny, short interview today as Carolina tried to get to the bottom of the name of a new restaurant called Domo Japones. We still don’t have a copy of their menu yet, so stay tuned to find out exactly what the new joint fuses. [Now Open: Domo Japones

Flipping Through The Menu Pages