Eating Locally When It’s Hard

[Editor’s Note: Because of a tight holiday schedule and belated site update, we’ll be posting the Weeklies over coffee and the Blender tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

The Ethicurian ran a very nice Christmas Day article on eating locally during the winter. While it might be more of a challenge in Montreal to avoid buying long-distance produce, it is, apparently, not impossible.

That’s a good reminder for us here in the Bay Area, where our mild winter makes it seem like anything could be in season locally at any time. In fact, that’s not necessarily the case. While we do have a wider array of plants to choose from at local farms, it is still not endless. South American fruits and vegetables make their way onto Bay Area tables just as they do Canadian ones.

A good way to stay up on what’s fresh, local and good is to talk to farmers at the farmers’ market. With the holiday rush over and a lull in most work weeks, this next few days would be a good time to visit the market and not just shop, but linger, chat and get a feel for what your local farms are producing. Alice Waters would be proud.

Keeping it local in the winter [The Ethicurian]

Eating Locally When It’s Hard