DOH Now Against Cats, Too; Poor Man’s Guide to New Year’s Eve

Bodegas are keeping themselves free of vermin thanks to their trusty cats. But naturally the Health Department has to give them a hard time about it, even though they admit that the cats are doing a good job. [NYT]

Running Tavern on the Green is something like running an ocean liner – an ocean liner that feeds 700,000 people a year, has a staff of over 500, and makes more than $38 million annually. [AMNY]

Gordon Ramsay wants lights for his backyard soccer field for Christmas. [The Glasgow Herald]

Stand’s toasted-marshmallow milk shake tops the Daily News’s Cheap Eats list, which otherwise is heavy on ethnic stuff like Tulcingo del Valle’s pozole and El Cocotero’s ropa vieja. [NYDN]

It’s New Year’s Eve: All you need is a big room and some alcohol, right? The poor man’s guide to New Year’s Eve may come in handy this year. [Imbible/Citysearch]

Thomas Keller’s hamburger project, whose working title seems to be Burgers and Half Bottles, seems to be coming along pretty well in Yountville, where it will be part of Ad Hoc, his less formal restaurant. [Eater SF]

Brooklyn’s current Morton’s–style steakhouse, The Archives, isn’t planning on taking the arrival of Morton’s lying down. [Brooklyn Paper]

Dovetail is opening this weekend; Mendy’s, of Seinfeld fame, has been closed by the DOH. [Eater]

DOH Now Against Cats, Too; Poor Man’s Guide to New Year’s Eve