Crosss Your Fingers

Rescuers headed back out today to search for a Half Moon Bay crab boat that disappeared off the San Mateo County coast Tuesday.

The two men aboard the 25-foot Good Guys have not been heard from, nor their boat sighted since about 1 p.m. Tuesday, when they lost communication with the Majek, another boat with which they were returning from a morning of crabbing, the San Mateo County Times reported.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s office, U.S. Coast Guard and the Pillar Point Harbormaster’s office have boats, helicopters and shore-side search parties out, but fog and heavy surf are making the search difficult. From the Times:

About 1:30 p.m., an electronic locator signal from the missing boat was detected south of Pillar Point. No sign has been found since, the Coast Guard said.

The heavy surf is expected to die down today, but that may be too late for the crew of the Good Guys. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it isn’t.

Search continues for missing fishing boat off San Mateo Coast
[San Mateo County Times]

Crosss Your Fingers