Celebrity Servers: Dale On Duty At Sola

Reading through LTHForum today, an item about sola caught our eye. User “sweetsalty” was describing her quite enjoyable birthday meal there last night, and just after the sticky toffee pudding, she mentioned the following:

Incidentally, Dale from Top Chef was our waiter. He was maybe not the best waiter we’ve ever had, but it was kinda cool to have him walk up to the table. Kind of like a surprise bday present.

What is Dale doing waitering at sola? It’s anyone’s guess, really - biding time before his next big project, we hope. Gotta make that buck! (*SPOILER ALERT*) Especially now that maybe boyfriend Jack of Project Runway had to leave the show to get intensive antibiotic treatment for an opportunistic infection. Don’t worry! It’s not in real time and he’s already fine now. On a tangentially related point, Chicago’s own Steven lost this week’s challenge and had to go home, too. (*END SPOILER*) Man, it’s tough out there!

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[Photo: something appealing at sola]


Celebrity Servers: Dale On Duty At Sola