Blog Reviews: Week Of Inclement Weather

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week (braving the elements!), in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Did you know that A Mano offers a $14 buffet during lunchtime? It’s not as fancé as the a la carte options, but a decent value nonetheless [Stew]

• During a recent visit to Aigre Doux, one group was pleased with its food and wine, but was a bit put off by the timing of the dish delivery [Chicago Foodies]

• If you’re in West Town for lunch, consider picking up a sandwich at Fiore’s Deli; the egg and pepper sandwich has a web fanbase [Drive-Thru]

• Like Metropolis coffee? Go to the source at Metropolis Cafe, where the menu is TOO BIG to send to us! [Drive-Thru]

BLT lovers: Milk & Honey Cafe makes a doozy, with its perfectly cooked bacon and homemade mayonnaise more than make up for the lackluster tomatoes [Chicagoist]

• In the old Bleeding Heart space, The Painted Lady Organic Eatery (owned by the BH people) serves drinks, baked goods from the mothership, and sustainable and savory lunch and dinner [Drive-Thru]

• Two months in, sandwich shop Torpedo’s continues to wine praise from the foodie establishment [Food Chain]

• If you weren’t aware of $2 burger night on Monday’s at Waterhouse, now you are! [Drive-Thru]

[Photo: therese flanagan/flickr, taken on 12/5]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Inclement Weather