Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Indo-Pak Edition

We may not do reviews at MenuPages, but our legions of users are all over that. Here are five of interest.

We’ve done BOMPR cuisine focuses on pizza, and Thai (maybe sushi, too?), so it was only a matter of time before we got to Indo-Pak. Let’s get to it!

On 12/6, “Marwan at Northwestern Law” wrote in about the Indian Garden in Streeterville:

Probably the best lunch option in Streeterville. The buffet is well varied, with plenty of vegetarian and meat options. It changes daily so you won’t get bored with the selection. I live near Devon, and I can honestly say that this place is better than most “authentic” places located on the strip.

Definitely check it out.

If you go to NU Law, why live all the way up on Devon? That’s not convenient to Streeterville and at all. Guess it’s cheap, though. Meanwhile, moments later, Marwan reviewed another topical restaurant, Shan Foods. Shan is also not on Devon, and furthermore, Marwan dropped the “at Northwestern Law” from his alias. Maybe he got kicked out during the five minute interregnum between the review posts! Or just lazy, that’s what:

I know the title sounds a bit hyperbolic, but as a Chicago native whose love affair with Pakistani food began here, this place is very close to my heart. The food is certainly authentic, but also inviting - try the frontier chicken, karahi ghost (goat curry), bhindi masala (okra - sure to change your perception of that vegetable forever) and the palak (spinach). Hands down, one of the finest and cheapest meals in Chicago. The servers are very friendly, even if you aren’t Pakistani. They just opened a “family space” adjacent to the main area where all the cabbies sit so you don’t have to feel awkward if you aren’t South Asian. Enjoy!

The title, if you were wondering, is “A classic.” We think this is a nice review, with context and recommended dishes and good grammar and whatnot. Note that the mystery of why Marwan lives on Devon has been solved (he grew up there). We’re sort of uncomfortable with the separate-but-equal dining spaces, though; we, for one, never feel awkward anywhere.

Leaving Marwan behind, sadly, we turn to “Anonymous” with the ish on Raj Darbar, circa 12/7:

Who knew such great Indian food was right down the street?! They have the best matar paneer I think I’ve ever had, and the garlic nan will no doublt keep the vampires away. Atmosphere is warm and comfy but not loud or cramped. Casual but datey too.

The other two reviewers of this restaurant knew, to answer the initial question. And to answer your question, it’s on Halsted between Schubert and Wrightwood.

We are happy to report that at least (exactly, in fact) one of the five restaurants is actually on Devon - Indian Garden. On 12/8, “Desi at heart” wrote:

Whenevr we have a craving for nice mughlai food me go to Indian Garden. We are vegetarians so cant comment on the non veggie stuff but we love all the vegetarian entrees.

It is a must go place if you want to have nice Indian food!!!

We are underwhelmed, but appreciate the use of “Desi” and “mughlai” in the review. Makes it believable.

Finally, a user named “Indian food Critic” found fault with Klay Oven on 12/9:

Ive been here at least 5 times. The first time i went the food was amazing but that was it. The next 4 the food was just average. I even ordered the same things i did first time and it wasnt that great. Veg. options are okay. This place has small portions compared to the other restaurants in downtown like Gaylords. The is so dimly lit that i could hardly see what color my food was but with that said it would be a great date place. So if you are hungry go someplace else because u wont be eating until 1 hour later. Overall, this place is a once every 4 months eat because service is poor and slow, food is overpriced for the amount of food you get but atmosphere is great for a date but for family.

This review was sort of annoying for its improper syntax and missing words, but we are entirely sympathetic to the principle of the first hit hooking you, and then realizing it will never be the same again. Once every four months is what we average now, too.


Best Of MenuPages Reviews: Indo-Pak Edition