Ask MenuPages: Turducken Time!

Dear MenuPages,
I am looking for a store in the Boston/South of Boston vicinity that sells good Turducken. I would love to hear from you regarding this. I had heard a few years back of a place in the Beacon Hill area but have no idea where or if it exists. Please help me if you can.
-Herself, Location Unknown

We are going to choose to believe that we received this email because recent entries have led to wide recognition of this blog as home to a turducken enthusiast. Shamefully, we must admit that our interest in turducken has not, thus far, led to us actually eating the famed dish. Instead, we mostly gaze longingly at pictures and recipes, hoping that someday we might become clever enough to figure out how to de-bone birds. This email has inspired us, however, and we are now seriously considering ordering one of our own for a festive occasion. It seems that turducken is not the easiest food to come by, but we found four great options.

•A turducken is, to put it bluntly, a whole lot of meat, so unless you’re feeding a lot of friends and family, you probably don’t need a whole bird. Savenor’s has you covered: they sell a four pound turducken roll meant for six to eight guests as well as whole turduckens, which run about fifteen pounds and can probably comfortably feed pretty much everyone you know.
Roche Bros, which we didn’t even know to be a chain until recently, has turducken at the bargain-basement price of $5.99/pound. Assuming a 15 pound turducken, that’s a good $10 cheaper than Savenor’s.
•Another option is to order a turducken to be shipped to you. Cajun Grocer seems to have a nice product. You can choose from a variety of stuffings: we’d probably go for the pork sausage.
•You could always make it yourself! You know you want to.

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Ask MenuPages: Turducken Time!