Ask MenuPages: Pre-Cinema Eats In Kendall Square

Originally posted on April 17. While on vacation, we just might go see The Savages. We will take our own advice on where to eat before the movie.

A reader writes in…

Dear MenuPages,
Where to get a tasty but not exorbitant bite to eat before a movie at the Kendall Square Cinema? So far my best answer is Mulan on Broadway, but surely – surely! there must be other options SOMEWHERE in the area. The whole neighborhood can’t really be as industrial/post-apocalyptic as it looks.
-Laurel, Cambridge

Laurel, you are absolutely correct. Kendall Square is nowhere near as industrial/post-apocalyptic as it looks. In fact, despite the biotech firms that dominate the area, it can actually be quite a good destination for the Cantabridgian foodie, worth investigating even if you aren’t seeing a foreign film or shopping at The Garment District. Here are a few of your best options for pre-movie bites that won’t cost you a small fortune.

Emma’s Pizza serves up some of the best pizza in the Boston area just a quick walk up Hampshire Street from the Cinema. We’re particularly fond of the make-your-own pizza, which can be customized with three types of sauce, six kinds of cheese, and over thirty toppings.
•Sometimes, you need a little fortification before a very serious movie. If that’s the case, check out the Cambridge Brewing Company. We’ve heard good things about the pizza, but the real star is their superlative beer.
•If you’re craving atmosphere without too much expense, head over to One Kendall Square and check out Shine or The Blue Room. Both restaurants have very pricey entrees, but fairly inexpensive salads and appetizers, which are plenty large enough to make a meal…especially if you’ll be following it up with movie candy.

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Ask MenuPages: Pre-Cinema Eats In Kendall Square