Anthony Bourdain Speaks

A great interview over at Chow focuses on celeb chef/author Anthony Bourdain, whom waxes pretty honestly about the television scene and gives props to fellow Travel Channel chef Mario Batali:

I hope this Mario [Batali] thing really goes through [for Travel Channel]. It looks like it’s going to happen. I think it’s going to be the greatest thing on television ever.

It will be an exhaustive, definitive Italy series with the kind of production values that Planet Earth had. It will let Mario be the f***ing genius that we know he is: able to talk about everything from Renaissance architecture to rock-and-roll b-sides to food, geography, everything. It will just unleash him.

It is my expectation that it will be a series. Especially given his shoddy treatment at Food Network. Who wouldn’t want to make TV with us?


Tony Bourdain Would Pimp For Prada [Chow]


Anthony Bourdain Speaks