Amuse Bouche: Gonna Have Some Fun, Show You How It’s Done, TGIF

Originally posted on April 20. We maintain that a TGIF-themed bar is an awesome idea. You won’t be laughing at us when we’re rich off it.

In college, we, along with a friend, had the phenomenally brilliant (if not necessarily stone-cold sober) idea to open a bar called TGIF. No, it wouldn’t be a knockoff T.G.I. Friday’s. No, our TGIF would be a bar with a mission, a bar with a purpose, a bar with a theme. That theme, dear reader, would be the 1990s ABC Friday night programming block of the same name. Picture it. You mosey up to the bar and ask the bartender (who would be dressed as either DJ or Uncle Jesse from Full House, depending on their gender) for a Step By Step (a shot of whiskey and a bottle of Milwaukee’s Best) and a Boy Meets World (a beverage that bears a striking resemblance to an “Irish car bomb”) for your gentleman friend. It would be great.

Sadly, the TGIF planning process never really made it past the door of our dorm room, but in the spirit of Friday nights and themed cocktails, here’s a roundup of some of Boston’s most intriguing drink concepts.

•We’re not really sure that the Pilgrims would have appreciated a cocktail named for the rock they made famous, but if you’re into gin, you can shore yourself up with the Plymouth Rock at Croma. Plymouth gin, Cointreau, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and a lime sounds like a very grown up version of a bag of Sour Patch Kids.
•We’re not 100% sure which spirit represents which archetype, but Eastern Standard combines vermouth and pastis to create the Half Sinner Half Saint. We’re willing to bet that after you’ve had a few of them, you’ll be well more than half of the former and very little of the latter.
•Pay a somewhat vague tribute to a classical Italian combination with the Prosciutto and Melon cocktail at 28 Degrees, which is made with melon vodka and garnished with melon. While that sounds tasty, we must wonder: where’s the pork?

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Amuse Bouche: Gonna Have Some Fun, Show You How It’s Done, TGIF