A Holiday Dining Wish List

And we’re back! We’re feeling much much better today, which is nice, since it’s our job to write about food and it’s just terrible to try to write about food when even the thought of something lovely like prosciutto puts your tummy through agonies. Our stomach has calmed down now and we’re free to resume our gluttonous thoughts. Hooray!

Hanukah started last night and Christmas is less than three weeks away, so our parents have been frequently calling and asking us what we’d like for the holidays. While we immediately know our practical answer (housewares and any of the foodie gifts we suggested last week), the question has started us on a kick of thinking about what we’d like on a larger scale. We would, for example, take it as a personal shout out if, say, more Boston restaurants added churros to their menus. In the spirit of the season, then, here is our Boston dining wish list.

•We’d love to see less unnecessary “quotation marks” on “menus.” They always make us think we’re in the “Better” Dresses section at Filene’s Basement.
•Come back to Boston, Gwen Butler! The city is more interesting with you here!
•We’re still dreaming of an indoor artisanal market a la New York’s Essex Street Market.
•More food bloggers please!
•Can we place a one-year moratorium on steakhouse openings? Pretty please?
•As far as we’re concerned, Boston’s greatest weakness as a food city is the near-total lack of street food. How happy would we be if the Hub got the equivalent of Wafels & Dinges or even just some more (and better) hot dog carts? So happy.

What about you? What’s your Boston dining wish list? We’d love to know.

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A Holiday Dining Wish List