A Christmas Food Quiz: Failure Is Imminent

We came across this delightful Xmas-related “foodie quiz” on the Times Online - 20 questions on the continent’s Christmas foodways, and they’re really hard. The number we got right could be counted on one hand - a Simpsons hand at that. For example, lucky question 13:

Can you name three British blue cheese alternatives to Stilton: one from Devon, one from Ireland and one brand new cheese only developed this year by Neal’s Yard?

Despite having once taken an evening course in British cheeses, we couldn’t even come up with one (Devon Blue, Cashel Blue, and Stichelton; we ought to have been able to guess the first). The previous question is another embarrassing lacuna:

What am I? I am an often neglected member of the cabbage family, like a sputnik turnip in appearance and can be light purple or pale green. I am grown in the UK and at my best in the depth of winter and am great in soups, roast with honey or as a celeriac alternative in a remoulade.

For one thing, we had no idea you could use Sputnik as a non-proper noun, but that might be British-only. Anyway, the answer is kohl rabi, and we really do think we should have known that.

On the other hand, we owe our mastery over question 2 - which country celebrates on Christmas Eve with a meal of 12 courses (traditionally including carp) representing 12 apostles? - to yesterday’s Sun-Times article on the Christmas practices of Poles. So it’s not a total loss. But okay, one of our New Year’s Resolutions will be about boning up on our foodie trivia, for real. We must not let our reputation as a snobby know-it-all get tarnished!

Festive better foodie quiz [Times Online]

[Photo: If Sputnik had looked like this, we’d all be speaking Russian by now (major loon/flickr]


A Christmas Food Quiz: Failure Is Imminent