A Bourdain Holiday: Get Excited

We love all the classic holiday TV specials. Rudolph fills us with deep joy (what can we say? We’re a big fan of Yukon Cornelius) and you’d have to be made of stone not to be touched by A Charlie Brown Christmas (which is, incidentally, the genesis of all of our dance moves). Even though we adore the classics, sometimes we want a Christmas special that’s a little more…adult. Enter A Bourdain Holiday, a Very Special Episode of our very favorite food show, No Reservations. Well, maybe it’s not a Very Special Episode per se. Unlike most VSEs, we suspect this one is extremely unlikely to lecture against say, the evils of drinking. Nonetheless, it is somewhat of a deviation from the No Reservations norm, as the episode’s destination is no more exotic than Bourdain’s brother’s house in Connecticut.

Why are we so excited for this particular holiday special? Well, aside from the fact that we’d probably watch Bourdain read the phone book (it would be so entertainingly sardonic!), we’re very intrigued by the special guests for tonight’s episode. Queens of the Stone Age will be stopping by and, by the looks of it, they’ll be wearing super-cheesy holiday sweaters. We rather like Queens of the Stone Age and think that their presence would make any holiday special better (they could back up the Burl Ives snowman on Rudolph or teach Schroeder some new tricks on Charlie Brown!). We furthermore strongly suspect that a combination of Anthony Bourdain and QOTSA frontman Josh Homme will be nothing less than incendiary, or, at the very least, incredibly tall and good-looking.

A Bourdain Holiday airs tonight at 10pm on the Travel Channel and don’t worry: MTV posts its shows online almost immediately, so you can totally watch the season finale of The Hills immediately afterward.

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A Bourdain Holiday: Get Excited