1 OAK Embargo Is Lifted, Golden Restroom Faucets Are Promised

Our first enticing look at the interior of 1 OAK comes care of the Times, which photographs Jeffrey Jah, Scott Sartiano, Richie Akiva, and Ronnie Madra on the floor, a “zebra-like zigzag of black and white wood.” Other ways they blew their $3 million: gold water faucets, gold-plated handgun artwork, bullet art, and Louis XIV–inspired chairs (GoldBar meets Rose Bar? Hot.) Oh, and some of that cash must’ve gone to primo publicists, since the Times interviews the owners at their other spots Butter and Inn LW12 and doesn’t bother dwelling on their legal and bureaucratic problems. Whatever — finally we get word about the menu!

The menu, created by Alex Guarnaschelli, the executive chef at Butter and a judge on “Iron Chef,” includes shrimp cocktail, pressed sandwiches, hot entrees and desserts like Richie Akiva’s Famous Cookie Plate With a Glass of Milk ($8).

Also, the club’s door policy will be “egalitarian,” which Sartiano defines thusly: “First you need to get in … Then you need to be cool enough to get a table. Then you can get bottles.” Another thing you can do is change your name to Jay-Z.

You Bring Leo, I’ll Bring Diddy [NYT]
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1 OAK Embargo Is Lifted, Golden Restroom Faucets Are Promised