Zenkichi’s Fish Guts: Gaijin Need Not Apply

We’re always amused when we see words to the effect of “ask for assistance” on an izakaya menu (if we remember correctly there’s such a disclaimer on the bull’s penis at Kenka), but the long-standing menu description of bonito shuto (a type of aged bonito fish) at Zenkichi really takes the cake:

For Japanese, sake connoisseurs and adventurous eaters only! Intense flavor and saltiness best enjoyed in small bites and chased by dry junmai sake.

We have to wonder: Does the staff really think their fellow countrymen are the only ones who can stomach salted fish guts (apparently so — the waitress tried to take ours away mid-meal under the assumption that we couldn’t finish it), or is this just a ploy to get macho masticators to order the thing in order to impress their dates? Well played, Zenkichi — well played.

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Zenkichi’s Fish Guts: Gaijin Need Not Apply